US Military and the War in Afghanistan

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This is something less than one percent of Americans ever do, this takes a special person to become a defender of the Constitution. Of those defenders, how many of them have deployed to a combat zone, most specifically Afghanistan? The United States military has spent over 10 years in Afghanistan. Soldiers and families are beaten and tired after this decade of combat and losses no one can even understand. These losses and brokenness is why it is time to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and bring them home in a steady and slow pattern or increments. Closing out a combat and war zone takes a lot of planning, preparation, training and cooperation from all Allied forces and host nations; Afghanistan is no different. A decade of war needs to come to an end and Afghanis need to take charge of their country and people and stand on their own two feet.
The Afghani people have a proud culture and have been fighting for their land and freedom for decades. They have fought against the Russians in the 1980s with the help of the Taliban, who happen to be the force the Coalition forces are fighting against. “I went on a convoy with an older Afghani man and he could point out where all the IEDs were located from the 80s placed by the Russians. It’s a crazy feeling to know that this man was a part of an Army that supported the Taliban and now is fighting against them. The…
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