US Senator Dan Coats

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Dan Coats is the senior United States Senator for the state of Indiana where his primary political focus is on cutting wasteful spending, reducing the national debt and promoting a pro-growth economic policy to put Hoosiers and Americans back to work; Senator Coats has dedicated much of his life to serving Indiana and the nation in a variety of roles. Daniel Ray “Dan” Coats was born on May 16, 1943 in Jackson, Michigan to Vera and Edward Coats. Coats attended local public school and received his diploma from Jackson High School in 1961, Coats graduated in 1965 from Wheaton College in Illinois with a B.A. in political science; before serving in the U.S. Army between 1966 and 1968, in 1972 Coats earned a Juris Doctor from the Robert H. McKinney School of Law at Indiana University. Dan Coat’s only two non-political occupations were as assistant Vice President of a Fort Wayne life insurance company and as practicing attorney at the Law Firm of King & Spalding. Coats met his wife Marsha in college, they have three adult children and eight grandchildren; Dan Coats is also an avid supporter of religious government, he is affiliated with the Fellowship (an informal association of Christian lawmakers) and has worked with his wife Marsh to form The Foundation for American Renewal which supports faith based initiatives for the nation’s social problems. Dan Coats is affiliated with the Republican Party and as such follows the core principles of the Party’s political

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