US Veterans Foundation

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U.S veterans former, and current have fought or are fighting and have died in battle serving this wonderful country. More former veterans than ever are coming back disabled either mentally or physically. There are hundreds of disabled veteran foundations in the United States today, but a lot are a fraud. Everybody who has not served should donate a good amount of money of these foundations and not be worried about the foundations keeping it or giving it to someone else who shouldn’t receive it. We owe our lives to these men and women. Like Elmer Davis once said, ¨Our nation is the land of the brave because it is the home of the brave¨ (Elmer.). More Veterans are coming back disabled than ever before. To see the disgusted and sad faces on these families of these heroes who can’t live the way they used to is extremely depressing, You should…show more content…
The foundation was founded by 6 women veterans with years of experience serving our country. These 6 women served as state women veteran coordinators in a lot of different states in the U.S. After these women were done with serving they went back to their old jobs or went to new jobs to make extra money because there were no Disabled Veterans Foundations to be found. While these women were at their jobs every day, they were confronted about their disabilities after serving because they could not perform at the level they once could. That’s why these 6 amazing women created the Disabled Veterans Foundation. After years of building the place, The Disabled Veterans Foundation hired Joseph VanFonda in 2013 after his retirement from the USMC. The Disabled Veterans Foundation has grown to great things over the past years. Like Vanfonda said (2013) ¨We come to work each day knowing that we will make a difference in a veteran’s life; a great responsibility that comes with very high reward.¨ (Page
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