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Many industries are experiencing challenges in today’s economy. One industry that has experienced extreme challenges is the newspaper industry. Over the past decade, newspaper sales have been declining rapidly (Johnson, Goidel, & Climek, 2014). Many elements in today’s economy and social changes are responsible for these challenges. USA Today has worked hard to combat these challenges. Even though the circulation of newspapers has declined, USA Today’s hard work has allowed the company to have the largest print circulation (Ferrell, & Hartline, 2014).

The most prevalent challenge that USA Today faces is shifting demand patterns of consumers (Ferrell, & Hartline, 2014). Technology allows consumers to access countless amounts of information in seconds. One can simply pull out a mobile phone or iPad and read the news without having to purchase a physical copy of the newspaper. USA Today faces challenges while competing with blogs, 24-hour news stations, search engines, and online news sources. This leads to the next challenge that USA Today faces.
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Consumers are bombarded with multiple options everywhere they go. Instead of there being one brand available, there are thousand. Some of the same elements that are challenges for USA Today regarding technology are elements that are associated with product selection. Consumers have the options of viewing blogs, watching 24-hour news stations, using search engines, and viewing online news
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