USAID Safe Mothers Program in Indonesia

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SIAGA Campaigns Within Indonesia The US Agency for International Development also known as USAID implemented a campaign in 1998 into Indonesia in order to promote a 5-year safe motherhood program. This campaign involved the participation of not only USAID but the Indonesian government, the National Family Planning Coordinating Board, and several NGO’s. The campaign was labeled as the ‘Maternal and Neonatal Health Program (MNH)’. This program involved multiple campaigns including Warga SIAGA (Alert Citizen), Suami SIAGA (Alert Husband), Bidan SIAGA (Alert Midwife), and Desa SIAGA (Alert Village) to ensure that women live through pregnancy and childbirth to raise their children. The campaigns used radio, television, print materials,…show more content…
Their recommended end-line sample predicted having 3,226 members involved which included: Women, husbands, midwives, and community influentials. The end line survey sample showed that there were only 2,925 involved members of the same demographics. Despite the numbers above, I would say that the organization positioned itself well within this campaign. Jhpiego’s mission statement reads, “innovating to save lives” which is exactly what this campaign was centered around. ("") They continue to further their goals to improve maternal, newborn, and prenatal health in Indonesia today. Though the program did not reach it’s overall goals, I believe that their representation within Indonesia was and continues to be successful. The entire campaign generated a behavior change that was present among Indonesians up until 1998. Jhpiego, the company who coordinated the program is still working in Indonesia to treat Eclampsia in mothers and newborns and is once again partnered with USAID.("") Their efforts in this campaign include many of the same aspects of the SIAGA campaign including midwives, and seeking early prenatal care. Jhpiego is working to this day in order to effectively train midwives in Indonesia to better prepare them for emergencies. The continued efforts of this organization being welcomed into the country over 15 years later, speaks to the representation of this campaign. The success of the Eclampsia campaign, I believe can be

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