USA's Copyright Law

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Copyright Law 1."Copyright law offers copyright holders the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and publicly perform copyrighted work" (Carnes). The copyright holder has the authority to govern how the copyrighted material is distributed by giving specific permissions in writing. Without a specific written permission, no one has the rights to distribute or sell the copyrighted work. By selling collections that contain the whole program of the copyrighted material, Software of the Month Club (SOMC) is selling the copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder, Cybersell Impact, Inc. The claim of endorsing and distributing the shareware as performing a service for the creators infringes the copyright law because of the distributions of the whole program. The copyright laws allow a small portion of copyrighted material to be used for socially beneficial purposes, but not the whole program. And, there was a restriction on the distribution that allowed the sample portion to be distributed without charge to users. The actual charging of the software and the fact of the whole program being distributed violated the copyright laws and the restriction of the copyright holder. The behavior that is being encouraged by the copyright laws and the judges in this case is to treat each other fair and with respect. If the copyright holder gives permission, then it is ok to distribute and sell, depending on what is actually granted in the written permission. By not

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