USCIS Limitations

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The program faces some limitations. The interpretations of the statutes are inconsistent. Moreover, the guidelines concerning the interpretations are vague while the procedure for judging the petitions creates uncertainty for the firms (Mehta, 2015). The DHS realized the importance of the program and through a memo to the USCIS, the Director, Jeh Johnson urged the creation of policies that would create better consistency to the procedure for adjudicating the petitions. The policy would provide a clear meaning of the words “specialized knowledge”. Moreover, the directive aimed at bringing cohesion and integrity to the program. On March 26, 2015, the Immigration Impact published an article detailing the amendments that the companies,…show more content…
The goal is to benefit the U.S. economy and the multinational companies. The availability of the memo and the provided guidelines, the enterprises and the employees can reflect on the previous and the current guidelines.
Administrative Costs: The major issue in all these options is the changes in policy. These changes require the cooperation of all government agencies in providing an overhaul of the whole system. For the L-1B program, the necessary steps are the new definitive policies that would allow for better interpretation. For many years, the adjudication procedure was predictable with many petitions being canceled. The major issues that arose from the cancellations were that the cancellations were based on the term "specialized knowledge" without the adjudicators providing a definitive meaning of the term (Huguelet,
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The current interpretation of the rules would limit many qualified workers from working in the United States. The limitations would slow the economic growth since the experts who wish to expand their operations within the country (Huguelet, 2015).
Administrative Feasibility: The major issue arising from the various complaints about the program is the vagueness and ambiguity that occurs as people and the organizations wish to interpret the meaning of the term "specialized knowledge." The supportive structures exist to help the implementation. The visa aims to provide the foreign experts the avenue to operate international businesses. The United States seeks to get a share of the expertise which would allow more workers settle in the country thus providing a diversified labor force. The reforms took place in 2004. The legislation allowed the employees be accompanied by their families. The law stated the various regulations relating to the children and the partners. The aim is to provide a comfortable stay for the
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