USGS Personal Statement

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After I graduate, I want to work for the United States Geological Survey (USGS). I believe the thorough investigative work expected and performed at the USGS is vital to the integrity of the United States. Working for this incredible institute would allow me to uphold my life aspirations of environmental monitoring and protection to provide security from effects which threaten the natural landscape. With three semesters left before graduation, I am still unsure what field of study I am most passionate, ground water movement, subsurface imaging or natural hazard outlook, but the USGS is the place for me. This organization’s meticulous research responsibility warrants the best geologists and minds in the field. I will need further education, beyond undergraduate, to work for the USGS.…show more content…
My course work is grueling and there is plenty of hands on lab time, but there is more to experience. Working towards graduate school, I want to develop my understanding beyond homogenous, isotropic, saturated soil assumptions that do not fully portray your average dirt. Applying my devotion to gain research experience with real engineering problems would give me the ability I need to become an engineer with the USGS.
This enriched education is how I plan to further my understanding of the field of geological sciences, which I dream will provide me with credentials to work with the USGS. Pursuing my career ambitions starts now. Gaining knowledge from different aspects of geology, such as programming as I mentioned in the other essay, raise the potential of my work and will help me achieve my
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