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USMC During WWII The United States Marine Corps established November 10, 1775 is one of the most elite fighting forces in the world it's no surprise that the marines have fought in most every United States conflict since it was founded. The marines are mostly noted for fighting in the Pacific Theater during WWII. They were involved in some of the most bloody battles the US has ever fought. From the battle of Wake island to The battle of Okinawa these brave men have fought for our freedom in the air on land and in the sea. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the main reason the United States was involved in the second world war. The day started off like any other on a Naval base in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. Marines and seamen were just…show more content…
The US held 60,000 Marines and army men while the Japanese held only 36,200 men mostly naval. The marines fought long battles and was a decisive win for the Allies. The losses of the guadalcanal campaign were heavy for both side s with the US losing 7,100 men, 29 ships lost and almost 700 aircraft lost. The Japanese suffered heavy casualties as well with an estimated 19,200 dead and 1000 captured as well as 38 ships and 600-800 aircraft. August 6-9 1945 some of the most devastating weapons ever dropped on a population were dropped on cities and killed almost 130,000 men women and children. These weapons of mass destruction were also known as the atom bomb, these weapons were used by the United States of America against the Japanese. They worked by shooting a uranium “bullet’ into a uranium target. The atoms of the uranium would split and release energy and particles in calculable directions that then hit and split other atoms thus creating a chain of explosions that released so much energy that they became equivalent to millions of tons of tnt explosives. The real moral questions is that should the US have dropped weapons capable of such destruction on a population. Another thing to think about would be that no other nation has ever dropped a nuclear bomb on another one than itself. The war in the pacific was the second bloodiest war ever fought by the

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