USMC Then Now and Forever

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The USMC is the most advanced military fighting force on the planet. Most think the marines are just hardened killers but that’s not entirely true. First and foremost a marine is a rifleman. Every marine regardless of their job is taught to be proficient with the standard issue rifle. Marines are more than that, a select few get to go to special operations schools. In those schools marines learn exceptional skills, skills such as how to defuse multiple bombs in a very tense firefight. Still the marines are more than the skills they learn. They are true hero’s some even call them angels of death. They become like this in a place called Paris Island. Paris Island is where men become marines. When you first arrive at the island you are not called a marine yet. All drill sergeants label the recruits whatever they wish but they have not earned the title of marine. Basic training is a 12 week course of hell on earth. The course is broken up into 3 phases. Phase one is to break the recruits of their civilian habits. This is where most cannot do it, but it is too late to back out now they are in commitment. After phase one comes phase two. This is where recruits get field training and learn how to use and care for a rifle. Lastly phase three this is where recruits regurgitate all they learned, this last phase is the end of the most difficult training basic has to offer. Once boot camp is completed the marines move off to their respective schools or jobs, for more training or
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