USSR Launches Mir to Contribute to International Peace

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This station was built in hopes of advancing space experiments but, US and Russian officials would both agree that they got much more out of it. Mir stood as a symbol of Russia’s advancements in space, later on joining NASA as the first technical partnership between the two countries. ADD MORE 3-4 + THESIS Outlasting the Soviet Union that launched it into space, Mir became one of the most glorious spacecrafts to ever launch into space. It set the highest stage for precursors to today's international space station. Launched on February 1896, Mir represented the longest human occupation in space; being the foreground for all other space shuttles. Mir’s(It’s?) complex system includes the ability to “ recycle air and water, maintaining optimal heat and humidity for human comfort, and food storage and waste disposal systems” being the reason it was able to hold six astronauts for a three week period (wisegeek CITE). Additionally, it was the first space station that raised “The first crop of wheat to be grown from seed to seed in outer space” (NASA 1st CITE). Seeing as no man had ever even been on space before, this was a big deal to the astronauts because it gave them an outlook on what exactly can be done in space. ADD MORE 2-3
Mir was built in hopes to provide a permanent platform for…
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