UT Southwesten Medical School

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UT Southwestern
UT Southwestern Medical School was formed in 1943 in the Southwestern Medical District of Dallas, Texas. It started off as a small wartime medical college and since then has grown exponentially. It now provides care to almost 90,000 patients and oversees 2 million outpatient visits and is affiliated with four hospitals: Parkland Memorial Hospital, Children's Medical Center, Zale Lipshy University Hospital, and St. Paul University Hospital.
In 2013, UT Southwestern was ranked 31 in the US News Primary Care Ranking, so it is only fair to expect a rigorous and competitive admissions process. The UT Southwestern application timeline is as follows: The time from January-May is recommended for taking the MCAT; Primary and Secondary applications must be submitted as soon as possible after June 1st; in August the interview season begins; October 1st is the deadline for all applications submitted through TMDSAS (the Texas Application Service); Rolling admissions begin November 15th, in Late Winter/Early Spring decisions for medical schools must be finalized; by May 15th all offers should be resolved; and finally by June 1st no more offers will be given by medical schools. The admitted overall GPA range is 3.6 to 4.0 and the overall admitted Sciences GPA range is 3.54 to 4.0. The median incoming GPA range is 3.88. The median MCAT score is 35 out of 45 points. Last year, there were 4023 applicants, 834 of them were granted interviews (21%), and 230 were accepted
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