UU114 Assign 1 Essay Writting

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Course Name: English for Academic purposes
Course Code: UU114

Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks for censorship for a society

Discussion essay – Block pattern
Title: Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks for censorship for a society
C: Censorship
L: benefits, drawbacks and Society
D: Evaluate
Context: Social issues
Subject: Censorship
Limited subject: benefits, drawbacks and society
Issue: Censorship can have shortcomings but at the same time it is beneficial under some circumstances
Thesis statement: Despite the fact that censorship is seems socially beneficial, this essay will also show some ideas that raise suggestions about its drawbacks for a society’s progress.
Supports for the thesis:
Side 1:
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The Public is heavily dependent on the media of any form to provide significant information concerning the government progress and other related issues. Unfortunately the governments officially take advantage of any available media for its own interest by manipulating what is truly and right to be written or announced for the public. In fact “the media appears to be more of a government propaganda arm rather than a servant of the people and a check on the government” (Mocnaj, 2013). This is the case in Croatia but it probably appears applicable in other governmental states as well including some of the Pacific Islands Countries. Media press and its employees are actually victimized by this act, since staffs can be sacked or the employer can be closed down for presenting what is right and true for the public awareness. Therefore there is no other way for both the employers and employees to write or announce what is truly right to be on their media but to express what they were told to do so by the government.
Furthermore the progress of creativity or free flow of ideas within the society is also adversely affected as a result of censorship. In most cases, new ideas by individuals never rich the public because censorship authorities prevent it from happen. Whereas the public should have a role in expressing their opinion on the new ideas and could have had the opportunity to change or improve it for

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