UV Radiation induces a mutation Essay

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To deduce if UV Radiation induced a mutation in the DNA of Serratia Marcescens and prevented the production of the red pigment called Prodigiosin. Hypothesis: Maybe the disappearance of red color in Serratia Marcescens is caused by the UV light which induces mutations in its DNA and is known as a common mutagen.

Prediction: If UV light mutates the DNA of Serratia Marcescens then the red pigment colonies of the bacteria will no longer be produced.

Independent Variable: Ultra Violet Radiation

Dependent Variable: The color change of the bacteria Serratia Marcescens from red to white and the survival of the bacteria.

Control: Nutrient agar plate with streaks of Serratia Marcescens without exposure to UV light.
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There was no difference between the control plates which proves that the lid on the plate serves as significant protection, potentially shielding the bacteria to the mutagenic effects the UV light. All three plates were incubated at 25 degree Celsius. The first Control plate showed lots of red and furry growth and the original pattern of swiping was observed in all the quadrants. The second control plate was also observed to have furry and pigmented red growth in all the quadrants, despite being exposed to UV light due to the plate lid during exposure. The experiment plate showed the most interesting results, in the 10 second UV exposure quadrant the bacteria had red pigmented growth but it is speckled, pinpointed and the original swipes were not observed. Moreover the growth seemed not as furry and robust as the control plates. The quadrant exposed to 20 sec of UV light showed significantly less growth than the 10 sec quadrant and the colonies are pinpointed with several beige colonies in between the red speckles. Original swipe pattern of the bacteria was not observed in this colony. In the quadrant exposed to 30 seconds of UV light, the differences are even more significant as the colonies are few and far in between and only several pinpoint red colonies found with a few beige colonies and some colonies with red centers surrounded by beige. The effects of UV light are very drastic in the 40 second quadrant as the growth is severely diminished with only a

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