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United Arab Emirates

Country Notebook

Cultural Analysis Executive Summary United Arab Emirates is a country that is built of several different emirates located on the peninsula of the Persian Gulf. The country was occupied by Great Britain up until 1971. After the removal of the British government the seven Sheikdoms became independent and formed the UAE. The country has a typically desert climate with ocean access on both sides of the country. Located in the Middle East the United Arab Emirates is a predominately Islamic society. Muslims account for 96% percent of their population. Unlike traditional Islamic countries the United Arab Emirates prides itself on being understanding to different cultures and beliefs.
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There are cultural aspects that must be respected when doing business in UAE, but for the most part it doesn't expect non-nationals to conform to their society.


In the 1820's Great Britain established a protectorate over 7 Arab Sheikdoms along the Gulf coast. When Britain announced it would withdraw its forces from the Gulf in 1971 the Sheikdoms became independent and formed the UAE. The UAE has derived almost all of its income from oil. It is closely aligned with the West.


The total area of the UAE is approximately 77,700 square kilometers. The largest amirate, Abu Dhabi, accounts for 87 percent of the UAE's total area (67,340 square kilometers). The smallest amirate, Ajman, encompasses only 259 square kilometers (see fig. 11).

The UAE stretches for more than 650 kilometers along the southern shore of the Persian Gulf. Most of the coast consists of salt pans that extend far inland. The largest natural harbor is at Dubayy, although other ports have been dredged at Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and elsewhere. The UAE also extends for about ninety kilometers along the Gulf of Oman, an area known as the Al Batinah coast. The Al Hajar al Gharbi Mountains, rising in places to 2,500 meters, separate the Al Batinah coast from the rest of the UAE. South and west of Abu Dhabi,

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