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The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
I was employed here as a Mathematics Lecturer in the University General Requirements Unit (UGRU) from September 2005 until June 2007. This was a foundation program for all students entering the university. The foundation program was the equivalent of a one year Arts and Sciences program that some Canadian Universities are now offering. A key difference is that the UGRU Program deals with underprepared, unmotivated students who are second language learners at the very least. All governments of the oil-rich Arabian Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The UAE, Qatar) have been for a very long time trying to motivate the younger generations to obtain education so that they can develop a locally
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Three main areas were tested: English, Mathematics and computer skills. There were a combination of acuplacer and in-house placement tests used for this purpose. To complete the UGRU program English course, the university required every student to obtain and a minimum score of 4.5 on the IELTS exam. Many students had the most difficulty with this requirement and some needed an extra semester or two. There were students who dropped out of the university because they could not score high enough on this test.
Every entering student was required to complete at least one level of Mathematics, Technology and English courses in addition to the required Arabic courses. A small number of gifted students were able to complete the program within one semester including the IELTS exam. These students were generally those whose parents sent them to one of the many international schools with the country.
Mathematics Challenge Exam
As mentioned earlier, at the end of the Fall semester, students wishing to test out of the next course had the opportunity to take a placement test. There were two main course sequences in mathematics that students pursued: Basic Math 1 and the Basic Math 2 or Advanced Math 3 and Advanced Math 4. All students seeking entry into the faculty of Sciences were required to take the Advanced Math course sequence. I have attached copies of the course syllabus for each of those courses. Also included are some of the assessments and worksheets provided to

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