Ub Hospital Lab

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The hospitals are large and serve many patients, so there is a lot of lab works needed. Each hospital is different in running samples and type of instruments used. The first hospital we visit was UAB hospital. The UAB hospital has a big lab and many samples are analyzed. The lab is fully automated, all the sample have a barcode and the samples directed to the instruments depend on what test need to be performed. There are 6 millions different test running a year. They spend around 25000 $ on reagents and 15000 on controls every year. The second hospital that we visit is Veteran’s hospital. The hospital serves the military worker. The lab is separated into different sections, each part performs on specific types of samples and test. The samples are received at the front door of the lab and delivered to the correct…show more content…
The UAB highland has a small lab. There are some tests send from UAB hospital to the UAB highland. The lab has faced a problem with CAP inspection for the safety. In general, the lap is not organized and the instruments are closed to each other. Most of the time of our tour to the lab was about CAP inspection and how they get the certificate. They save fillies of controls for the last five years, in case they needed for CAP. For all three hospitals, the technologist is performing the quality controls and the supervisor reviewed. The main different that I noticed between three hospitals are the number of patients they serve and the type of instruments they used. The UAB hospital has advance instruments and all of them fully automated which make it easy to run the sample. The Veteran’s hospital we just visit the chemistry and hematology labs. The chemistry lab has two instruments and they performed all chemistry tests. At the end, if I have the chance to work in one of these labs, I would choose the UAB hospital. The reasons are the lab is organized and its fully automated which reduce the chance of
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