Uber : A Company 's Brand Image

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Uber is a ridesharing service where consumers are able to request travel online or through a mobile application. Uber is a privately held company founded in 2009 by its current CEO Travis Kalanick. Uber is a leader in the ridesharing industry, dominating more than eighty percent of the market . Uber has proven itself to be more than successful but has also found itself at the center of many controversies. There are numerous accounts of terrifying, dangerous, and horrific incidents related to Uber stemming from sexual assault to robbery. Uber does not currently have legal status in many countries and others are protesting its presence within their borders. As Uber struggles to operate successfully beyond the United States, the company found…show more content…
There are a couple of leadership objectives facing Travis Kalanick. The CEO can have an objective of solely making Uber profitable. Kalanick can also stop promoting discrimination by reinventing a corporate culture. Another leadership objective would be to compensate anyone that has alleged any kind of sexual misconduct, whether they are users or employees. I believe that Kalanick should focus on reinventing a corporate culture. Uber has already lost the trust of its shareholders and though they would like to see the company return positive profits, I don’t think this will be possible without a change in how the organization operates. I also believe that it could be risky to only compensate accusers. Though many of the allegations may prove themselves to be true, some of them may not. The move would be very expensive for the company that is only producing negative profits. Additionally, compensation will not change the behavior of the attackers, though a shift in the company’s culture might.
There are key individual, organizational, and environmental obstacles to achieving the objective of revamping Uber’s corporate culture. CEO Kalanick faced Faust’s individual obstacle, “ends justify the means.” At the time that these issues came to light, Kalanick was focused on making money. The first #DeleteUber meme was created because it was reported that Kalanick was sitting on a board that advised President Trump about immigration. When President Trump released his executive
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