Uber Controversy

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Uber success, controversy and consumer protection Chithira shaji Uber is not a traditional type of taxi system, it’s a application build in between driver and the passengers. it has it own ethics, it is very helpful for modern life style . and the use of uber is increasing day by day, its more faster cheaper more safety better than taxi. The success behind the uber is mainly is its more faster more cheaper and more safety , uber drivers give more attention to their passenger safety and the timing to the destination, uber application is very simple and its very easy to use, they accept cash and credit cards and 24 hours have their services, every uber drivers have to attend a compulsory class about safety and customers dealing, and they a have a written and practical exam to get the uber license it will help the drivers to ensure about the safety and quality customer experiences and customer can track their route of the uber ,uber not only benefit for passengers its very benefit for a drivers they can use there own car for the ride but there is some condition like check the car model it should not be to old used cars, cars should be in good condition and only black colour…show more content…
I told I cant give this price the taxi driver was very rude and I was new to this place so I didn’t want to make a issue so I gave the money this the main controversy that I felt and one of my friend is a Limousine agent so he told me main controversy is cancelling the trip ,the passengers book the trip and the drivers reach almost their destination the passengers cancel the trip its affect the drivers and other thig that I noticed is uber drivers doesn’t have a dress code they have to follow a dress
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