Uber Insurance Case

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This industry has already started expanding their business more than just ride sharing application they have gone into electric driving. One of the CEOs Travis Kalanick of this business said it will be intense, but it is only for expanding the company on making more profit (Felton). In Ryan Felton article he stresses Uber overall problem is will their money last enough to have a trucking and a driverless car. I believe that if Uber budgets their money right and avoid lawsuits they can expand one part of the company at a time. Furthermore, adding in electric cars and self-driving vehicles this will make the drive probably faster. Uber will see a decrease in the number of lawsuits that come in every year (Lim). This smart idea will come with…show more content…
Uber website states that they provide liability insurance that covers any accident that occurs from when the trip starts to the finish. Even if it was the other car fault and they do not have proper insurance Uber covers everyone in the ridesharing vehicle. But the drivers are required to still have auto insurance because of what that is what every state requires. In my academic journal Jennie Davis expresses on the other hand, drivers are uncertain if Uber will cover them. Also, that in certain cities they treat their policies differently and may not cover. But they feel the customers are fully covered in any circumstance. Davis argues that this is really a concerning factor, because drivers are riding around on their cell phones constantly. I agree this is a big risk when it comes to keeping your eyes on the road. But Uber clearly states in their policy that they cover both the passenger and the driver. It is the Uber company job to make it more clear to their employees on the policy so they will not be driving around wondering if Uber going to cover. Despite this big concern Uber business model still states that they cover everyone in the car so drivers not overact and just read their policy on this
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