Uber Technologies

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------------------------------------------------- Uber Technologies ------------------------------------------------- What is Uber Technologies? Uber Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanik and Garrett Camp as a way to solve their own transportation problems in the traffic congested city of San Francisco where it is still based and headquartered. Uber Technologies offers an on demand car service application for smartphone users that links drivers with people needing a ride. According to Jim Makos of Pestle Analysis “It brilliantly connects the transportation industry with technology via its ride-sharing app.” With the click of a button on the application you can summons a vehicle of your choice see your rate, pay…show more content…
Keeping your account updated with Uber makes the transaction quick and simple. Uber’s use of dynamic pricing strategy has caused uproar and has been very controversial because they charge higher premium rate during high volume days like New Year’s, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween and during severe weather conditions. According to Uber’s website, “Uber rates increase to ensure reliability when demand cannot be met by the number of drivers on the road. Our goal is to be as reliable as possible in connecting you with a driver whenever you need one. At times of high demand, the number of drivers we can connect you with becomes limited. As a result, prices increase to encourage more drivers to become available.” Although Uber notifies their customers of the increased pricing structure when ordering a car service during these premium rate spikes a notification will pop up and the customer must acknowledge and accept price increase before moving on to the order screen which then connects you to a driver. This surge pricing has made many customers upset but it is something that has been done in many industries to compensate for slow demand, the airline and hotel industries have been doing this for years an yet they do not receive the outcry of complaints that Uber has received. According to an article written by Bill Gurley, “Uber is indeed
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