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UC Berkeley: Origin of Free Speech, Topic of Extremes
Here we go again; yet again do we, as Americans, get to see another protest go violent, but what is it about this time? Following up with recent news, Milo Yiannopolis, a highly controversial right-wing speaker and Breitbart columnist, was forced to evacuate UC Berkeley after a protest broke into violence as many left protesters began destroying nearby areas and attacking innocent people. Naturally, with such a controversial person coming to UC Berkeley and such a violent occurring as a result, many opinions came out to the surface including two extreme articles that we will focus on: a left-wing article from Daily Cal by Luis Tenorio and Miranda Smith and a right-wing article from Fox News by Todd Starnes.

Throughout the article by Tenorio and Smith, the violence of the event is written off and excused as a defense, saying that it crossed the line of tolerance as they claim that “[tolerance] ends where harm begins” and that it is an event “about safety and equitable
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Through this, it can be seen that they decided to focus on what they see, which is a valid view, and to deny the presence of other viewpoints and issues that are present. It may be true that yes, for you two, this is solely an issue on personal safety; however for many who disagree with you, it is a major issue of free speech and academic freedom as this event presents itself as an attack on the First Amendment and academic freedom. By shutting down the event with violence, it is forcefully cutting off and blocking the differing opinion and ultimately isolating students, including those of which who want to hear different opinions, within a bubble of the ideas you hold. Does that not sound like an attack on academic freedom and free speech to
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