Uconn Pharmacy School Admissions Essay

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Stride after stride after stride, I was oblivious to the pain in my calves or the sweat dripping down my forehead; the only thing on my mind was outdoing my summer's best time. After running close to six miles every day, I had no intention of breaking that streak. However, that hot July day I had no choice but to end it. At the halfway point, as I turned my body to look behind me, my left knee underwent a full lateral patellar dislocation. My hopes of becoming a UConn athlete subsequently came to a standstill, but I took it as a meaningful sign that I would have extra time to focus on my number one aspiration of getting accepted into pharmacy school and becoming a pharmacist. A year and two pre-pharmacy semesters after my injury, I…show more content…
My most recent leadership experiences between both the pharmaceutical society I am involved with and my current paid job will set me in this direction. Earlier this year, I helped lead a presentation for a pre-pharmacy INTD class promoting Alpha Zeta Omega (AZO), where I recruited Stephanie, a pre-pharmacy student and new member of AZO. Since becoming her "big" and close friend, I have mentored her on both managing classes and adjusting to college life. At the start of this past summer, I began working for UConn's Architectural and Engineering Services. Since then, I have advanced from having zero experience with a scanner to now training new employees on correct facility procedures. I learned that a leadership position should not be taken lightly, because the outcome of the employees I train is directly affected by I teach. Keen attention to detail is important for my position, as I am required to record a large quantity of construction data, where one mistake could offset the facility's course of action. Once during the summer, I received documentation labeled with an incorrect project number. I spotted this because I had recalled entering that number into the system earlier that week. My recollection saved the engineers whom I work for a whole day's worth of work. This sharpness would prove

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