Udhr 's Article On Lgbt Rights

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Article on lgbt rights. Is acceptance of one’s sexuality as important as other issues like poverty, unemployment, global warming, natural disasters and proper health solutions for Ebola, Lyme that put our survival itself at risk? When meditating on this question, let us also analyse our own sexual fabric. We set the standards of our own yardsticks to measure a sexual identity as valid/ invalid, normal/ abnormal, natural/ unnatural, acceptable/ unacceptable, moral/ immoral and finally good/ bad. Perhaps, upon these standards we define and adopt a sexual identity that belongs to a privileged position. One tends to overlook these privileges and rights that are available for heterosexual people. On the other hand, the gay and lesbian…show more content…
The country can proudly claim the progressive and radical shifts made in response to the demands of lgbt community. Why even in the twenty first century people have to fight for equal rights as they encounter discriminations based on sexual attitude and identity in a country that stands for democratic and secular rules? There are many such questions one needs to ponder on, as we try to understand the position of the lgbt community of the US juxtaposing its achievements to the ones made in other countries across the world. Confronting homophobia, eradicating hate crimes and providing equal rights to the lgbt community are all to be considered considerable achievements of the society. The United States has been a country, that has seen innumerable radical movements and fights for lgbt acceptance, presumably progressive as we still have countries that suppress the existence of sexually marginalised community by all means.
The argument that sexual orientation is already given and it is biological becomes immaterial, when considering the plethora of sexual cultures that one can find in the US. History makes the evidence of the existence of variant sexual cultures like tribadism, sadomasochism and so on, available to the society. Let us not forget that many books based on the theme of homosexuality were banned, to suppress the evidence of one such sexual
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