Ufo Aliens Research Paper

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Did CNN accidentally film two UFO spacecrafts? Footage from Mesa Arizona shows two odd flying objects skirting the edge of a massive dust storm covering the city. It all happened July 6, 2011 when CNN live feed from a dust storm captures what many think are alien UFO ships. NASA didn’t comment on the CNN footage. And it is difficult to really make out any details of the flying objects. The footage is from 2011. Maybe the footage was leaked by CNN, or NASA. If you believe in aliens, the lights and obscure shape of the possible UFO is interesting for sure. Too bad the video footage isn’t better. Can we all learn something from X-Files? Is the truth really out there?

UFO Captured by CNN
Could this be another hoax video placed on YouTube to simply get YouTubers interested in clicking? The footage was published by UFO Alien and has nearly 9,000 views. The bizarre fact that the video is from 2011 raises some hoax alarms. But stranger UFO footage that is much older has been recently circulating. It could be possible that the footage was finally leaked. Five years after it was shot. A disgruntle CNN employee could have taken the footage as a retirement gift. Or a NASA leak could be plausible as well. But not likely.

Will NASA Respond?
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NASA most likely finds the wealth of odd and fuzzy UFO footage on YouTube entertaining. It could be a NASA inside joke. Like the most hilarious UFO video of the week. The NASA employee that gets the most votes receives a $25 coupon to Applebee’s. NASA is simply too busy to care. They have a chip in the ISS to repair. Mars colonies to construct. And they still need to figure out how they plan on beating SpaceX to Mars. CNN UFO footage may be pretty far down on their list of things to
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