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Forgotten. Isolated. Alone. The people of Uganda live in constant fear of one man who has torn their lives apart. Joseph Kony is the leader of a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA began in 1986 under the rule of Alice Lakwena and was called the Holy Spirit Movement. Lakwena was an Acholi and claimed to be a mystic fighting for the rights of her people (“Kony, Joseph”). She led a violent rebellion against the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and when she was exiled, Joseph Kony took over her movement. Kony formed a new group, with Lakwena’s followers, called the Lord’s Resistance Army (Johnson). His goal was to create a new government based on the Ten Commandments and to purify the Acholi people. In order to achieve his…show more content…
It’s as if we don’t exist. The government says the LRA are no longer a problem, but I know that’s not true. I beg of you, please talk to others about what has happened to us,” said an eighty year old chief struck by grief after the LRA killed his son. The LRA has committed many atrocities throughout their existence, but one in particular stands out among the rest. On December 14, 2009 the LRA entered the Haut Uele district of the Makombo area in the Democratic Republic of Congo ready to kill. Over the course of four days, they attacked ten villages, killing 321 civilians and abducting over 250 people. At least eighty of the people abducted were children. Those who died were mostly adult men, and they were found tied to trees where they had been hacked to death by machetes. Those who lived, were tied up in chains and forced to carry the LRA’s pillaged goods as they marched off to attack more villages. People who did not comply with the LRA, tried to run away, or walked to slow, were killed. Families were separated and many people had to watch as their loved ones were killed. The attack on Makombo was one of the largest massacres committed by the LRA, but it was not the only attack. Dozens of attacks have been reported in villages near Bangadi and Ngilima and many more have taken place at other locations (“Trail of
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