Ugandan Laws on Homosexuality

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The phenomenon of homosexuality has always been a controversy to almost every culture and society. Throughout history, various positions regarding homosexuality have been taken, some oppose homosexuality and some are with homosexuality and have their own reasons. According to John Bancroft, graduate sexologist of Cambridge University and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at (IUSM) Indiana University School of Medicine, of 42 cultures, 41 % are strongly against homosexuality and 33% ignored the concept, thus, making the idea of rejecting the phenomenon more dominant than living with it and it's a well-known fact that homosexuality faces the lowest acceptance rates in Asian and African countries and the highest in Australia, Europe and the Americas. In the philosophical social science, there have been two views of homosexuality. The first view of the "essentialists" stated that sexual orientation of a person is determined by natural genes and the second of "constructionists" assumed that sexual orientation is learned through trial. So basically, that's why we have several standings when it comes to homosexuality.
When it comes to Ugandans laws, homosexuality is a crime itself and law punishes homosexuals very harshly. In October 2009, the anti-homosexuality bill was published in Uganda by David Bahati, a Ugandan politician, and the law was signed very recently in February 2014. The law prohibits any practice of homosexuality whether if it was related to marriage, regular
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