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Sustainability Diaries

1. 25th, July 2014 (

The word sustainability has been defined ‘as the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs’ (Mansdorf, 2010).
True Food Co-operatives in UK is a community owned business which specializes in the sale of eco-friendly household products, organic food and vegetables (Thompson, 2011). The company sells the products weekly in the neighborhood markets, and has implemented the unique strategy of selling 90 of their products loosely to lessen the use of packaging (Thompson, 2011). The decrease in the use of high energy processes such as packaging helps to reduce energy usage. The company also provides guidance to its customers on how to deal with food wastage (Thompson, 2011).
The key sustainability issues addressed by this story are energy conservation, use of recyclable packaging which is environmental friendly in nature and decomposes naturally without adding to the quantity of non-degradable wastes. The energy crisis around the world have made the people conscious with regards to saving energy (Bose and Luo, 2011). The pollution of environment is one of the key issues along with ‘increasing scarcity of natural resources” and ‘the looming threat of global climate change’ which has attracted the interest of IS scholars across the world (Loock et al, 2013). True food Co-operatives addresses the…
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