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Sustainability Diaries 1. 25th, July 2014 ( The word sustainability has been defined ‘as the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs’ (Mansdorf, 2010). True Food Co-operatives in UK is a community owned business which specializes in the sale of eco-friendly household products, organic food and vegetables (Thompson, 2011). The company sells the products weekly in the neighborhood markets, and has implemented the unique strategy of selling 90 of their products loosely to lessen the use of packaging (Thompson, 2011). The decrease in the use of high energy processes such as packaging helps to…show more content…
The environmental friendly measures adopted by the company needs to be maintained and adopted across the other business processes and operations (Loock et al, 2013). The company can use “Green IS” which can improve the environmental-efficiency of the business processes through automation. Moreover, the implementation of decision support system can help in the implementation of the relevant sustainable strategies and also help integrate the flow of environmental information in the organization (Thambusamy and Salam, 2010). 2. 26th, July 2014 ( The year 2012 was deemed excellent for the whisky companies due to increased demands from Asia and Latin America (Morrison, 2013). This increase in demand caused the companies, Diageo, the world’s largest scotch producer to pledge an investment of £1 billion and Pernod Ricard, another company, to pledge an investment of £40 million (Morrison, 2013). However, the inevitable happened when there was severe shortage of water which caused the whisky distilleries to halt production. The main reason for this shortage of water was climatic change which caused early summers (Morrison, 2013). This rainless summer severely impacted several distilleries in particular pockets of Scotland. These distilleries saw
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