Ukraine After The Soviet Union

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Ukraine was once a kingdom for the Slavic peoples, but over time gradually became a part of Russia and known for being its breadbasket. Despite having very similar cultures, Ukraine was distinctly different than Russia in its dialect and traditions. Ukraine finally achieved its autonomy from Russia during the 1990s while the Soviet Union crumbled. Despite their dreams becoming true, Ukraine was hardly prepared for the economic demands of a state. Unable to cope with a growing demand on the government for services, it acquired its revenue from printing currency, a grave mistake that caused hyperinflation. Soon, the economy was fragile and susceptible to outside influence. Thus began Ukraine 's slow descent into economic and political quagmires. Such a risky situation has been linked to Russia 's feelings for Ukraine re-entering the Russian fold. Ukraine has been notorious recently for its government corruption and economic downturn recently, however. As both the EU and Russia vie for influence in Ukraine by sending economic relief, Ukraine itself has no means to defend itself from such advances. The Economist and BBC state that its economic woes began to take shape when the Soviet Union collapsed, and with it the centralized and structured economic system and procedures dictated and executed throughout the Union. Because it had focused on primary sector work, such as agricultural development and natural resource extraction procedures historically, Ukraine could not support

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