Ukraine And Russia 's Foreign Policy Essay

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As the military conflict and increasing hostility between Russia and Ukraine continues, so will the visible effects on the Ukrainian economy, which could result in extensive and long term changes in Ukraine’e energy sector and the country’s energy policy. In light of growing pressures from the European Union to maintain a normalised relationship with Gazprom, as well as the looming end date of its gas supply contract with Russia in 2019, Ukraine’s foreign policy must aim to re-examine this relationship, but also drive efforts for diversification and ensuring energy security in the long - run.

In a recent government statement, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman stated that Ukraine is aiming to finalise a reviewed energy strategy by the end of 2016 with the key objective of achieving energy independence and a creation of an ‘Energy Efficiency Fund.’ The Prime Minister stressed that, given its resources, Ukraine, ‘’should not be an importer, but an exporter of energy resources.’’ However, Ukraine needs to examine the realities of its energy supply and demand and how this will shape and affect the governments foreign policy towards the EU and Russia going forward. Currently, Russia’s gas supplies amount to over 69% of Ukraine’s energy demand. Since its independence, much of the country’s foreign policy has generally been driven by a need to strike a balance in her relationships with the East and West, but due to history and geography, swell as various political forces, Ukraine
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