Ukraine And The Russian Ukrainian Conflict

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The breadbasket of Eastern Europe is having a problem with militants who have killed and have tortured hundreds of people in the name of freedom. The militants, Pro-Russian rebels native to Ukraine, believe that their actions against the government are just. Those who believe that the Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels are fighting against a corrupt, ultranationalist government are right. The Ukrainian citizens need to understand, however, that the government of Ukraine is the lesser of two evils; the rebels have committed many more heinous crimes than the government has. The rebels are also against policies that can benefit all of Europe and Ukraine. Currently, the Ukrainian people seek to have a stable nation with a self-sufficient government…show more content…
Unlike the rest of Ukraine, Eastern Ukrainians have received more of a cultural and linguistic influence from Russia. The Ukrainian people are descended from the nomadic, free Cossacks. The Cossacks “neither loved the tsar not the [Polish] lord” and were a people totally separate from the Russians and Polish (Magosci 19). The roots of Russia and Ukraine reveal that the name Russia is derived from the word Kievian Rus. The Kievian Rus were Ukrainian people who had established Kiev, “the capital of the ancient Russian state” (ExpatRu). The name “Russia” was eventually adopted by Peter the Great many years later. The Russian-speaking Ukrainians have been influenced a lot by Russian culture; they have adopted the language due to the constant transfer of power between Russia (including the USSR) and other countries. Due to the lack of this knowledge, the rebels have successfully manipulated the minds of the Russian-speaking citizens into thinking they are ethnic Russians. The support the rebels show toward Russia has given them protection; Russia already seeks to expand its territory, so they completely support anything the rebels do. Historically, Ukrainians and many western Russians are Ukrainian; the arrogance the rebels have
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