Ukraine And The Syrian Conflict

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Since 2011, the United-States of America has supported the Syrian revolution against the tyrannical government led by Bashar Al-Assad. However, the Russian government, led by Vladimir Putin, has supported Assad’s government. Since then, a forth independent actor has got involved. ISIS is a terrorist organisation mainly interested in gaining power and territory. Recently, the tensions around the Syrian conflict have increased but any country is physically present on Syrian ground. The United-States does not want to deploy troops on the ground, therefore they have emplaced a few sanctions and conducted airstrikes in Syria. However, there have been discords about what the US should do. Thus I will analyse and propose several viewpoints and…show more content…
A realist approach Analysing the world from a realist perspective implies a certain detachment. This viewpoint assumes that the world is entirely egoist and unmoral, and each country is acting only toward his own interest. Moreover, this world is anarchic in the sense that no institution can dictate a state. The main objective is to survive and to assure the security of one’s own nation. In order to assure security, a state has to gain as much power as possible and must be independent. Thus, all international organization or alliance are not likely to work. From Mearshimer’s point of view, States always act wisely. Moreover, because of the anarchic system, he affirms that states have incentives to be aggressive and that a war is the best and quickest way to gain power. Hence war can be considered as a future serious possibility. War here means total war, with ground troops and direct implications. Today, Syria is not a direct security matter for neither Russia or the United-States. Nonetheless, Russia has a strategic interest to keep the government in charge. On the one hand Putin is assure to keep his positions on the Mediterranean see. Besides, if the regime of Bashar Al-Assar had to fall, the new government would supposedly be supported by the United-States coalition. Consequently, Russia would lose its base, hence power. On the other hand, Putin would have increased
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