Ukraine Independence Day Of Ukraine

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David Xue Honors European History Period 1 12/22/2015 Ukraine Independence Day – August 24 The celebrations of the Independence day of Ukraine are underway across Ukraine. People set up their own Ukrainian “fireworks”, which are dances, parades and singing. The celebrations commemorates the anniversary of the country’s independence. Back to 1991, after a failed coup in Moscow, U.S.S.R, the people of Ukraine declared its independence by free voting. With the agreement of all of the people, Ukraine has became a new nation with freedom and democracy. And this is on August 24th, the Independence Day of Ukraine. The Independence Day is a national holiday of Ukraine, the people of Ukraine typically have one day off from work, but some of the officers still go to work on that day to keep the government services running. People usually gather around to visit families, watch parades, and go to outdoor exhibitions. In major cities, parades and concerts are held in public places such as square, theaters and walking streets. Also, people would be standing next to each other, dancing and singing in the square or on the stree. Sometimes, Ukrainian government have official military parade held in the capital city and public Ukraine’s some best weapons. As the sky gets darker, people go outside and watch the fireworks and the firecrackers. The celebrations will continue until dawn. Just like how they treat other holidays, all the Ukrainians would join the celebration on August the
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