Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Dispute Settlement over Crimea

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This term paper essay entitled “Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Dispute Settlement over Crimea” will focusing on the conflict that happened between Russia and Ukraine especially on the dispute settlement conflict over the Ukraine’s territory, Crimea. This essay will begin with introduction and background history on the Russia-Ukraine relationship. Causes of conflict between the nations, the importance and role played by Crimea in the Russia-Ukraine conflict also will be list out as the theoretical framework of this essay. For the finding of study, this essay will focus on the involvement and intervention of Russia in Crimea before move on to the consequences and solutions that might be taken to end the conflict in Crimea. BACKGROUND HISTORY ON RUSSIA-UKRAINE RELATIONSHIP Ukraine gained independence on 25th December 1991 from the Soviet Union specifically from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic authorities based on the Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence referendum on 1st December 1991 (Kubicek, 2008:137). This referendum referring to the Ukrainian voting for their first Ukraine’s president also independence from Soviet Union as the continuation to the August Declaration of Independence that been rejected earlier by Soviet Union. On the 25th December 1991, the Soviet Union was officially dissolved which marking the era of Soviet Union Empire had comes to the end and highlighted the independence of Ukraine in the international stage. Kubicek’s later on
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