Ukraine's Role in the Process of Globalization

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Ukraine’s role in the process of globalization

Globalization is a relatively recent phenomenon that has an enormous influence on the future of our planet. It elicits contradictory reactions from economists, politicians, scientists and ordinary people. In addition to its benefits, globalization has dangers and risks. It is responsible for environmental problems, the population explosion, extreme poverty, mass unemployment, etc.

But what does globalization mean for different countries? Most commentators agree that two types of globalization are underway in today’s world. One of them (the only one, according to many) is Westernization or rather the imposition of Western norms, values and advances in science and technology as the only
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Ukraine today has a chance to reclaim its historical mission as a vehicle of Western ideas to the East and the local civilizational region centering on Russia. However, this must not come at the expense of its relations with the rest of the world. For a country such as Ukraine globalization is a great temptation and a great risk as well. Ukraine does not have any alternative to universal globalization, because in the modern world isolation means backwardness and underdevelopment. The challenge is to find and occupy our niche in this globalizing world.

Ukraine has a highly advantageous geopolitical location, which it must exploit fully. Currently, the Ukrainian economy is completing the first stage of its transition to stabilization, establishing the legal and institutional framework of an open market-oriented system. The main challenge now is to consolidate these hard-won gains and deepen the process of structural reform, thereby providing solid foundations for sustained growth and improved living standards. Leading international financial and economic institutions – the IMF, the World Bank and EU bodies – want to help us move from stagnation to engagement with the outside world.

Success in this enterprise depends on taking advantage of opportunities and on a pragmatic approach in foreign affairs. Ukraine must pursue consistent, strategically predictable policies in the interests of its people. In this connection, integration with
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