Ukrainian American Culture

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My culture differs from people all around me including the people from Ukraine, whether by culture, religion, music, and daily routine. The main language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. ”That Ukrainian is the most widely spoken Slavic language along, with Russian and Polish”(48). Slavic means languages relating to the branch of the Indo-European language family. These languages are spoken in most of eastern Europe, parts of central Europe, and northern parts of Asia. The language that I speak is English. We have twenty-six letters in our alphabet, while the Ukrainian culture has thirty-eight. At dinner time my family sits around the table and in Ukraine it is casual to sit down ,still in Ukraine, it is casual to sit down and talk about things in your life. The religion in…show more content…
It is a part of the Indo-European family and is the most widely spoken Slavic language, alongside with Russian and Polish. As stated in the book ”The Indo-European family is the largest language family in the world.” Ukrainian is known as Eastern Slavic, but shares common traits with Western Slavic and Southern Slavic subgroups. The Ukrainian alphabet is very different from the United States. It has a lot of the Cyrillic alphabet. The alphabet has thirty-three letters in it that represent thirty-eight phonemes. Even the language has an apostrophe that tells whether to signify the hardness of a sound or not. Each letter in the alphabet does belong to one of the phonemes. The Ukrainian language has three stages of their languages; Old, Middle, Modern Ukrainian. The Old language was between the tenth and fourteenth centuries. The fourteenth and eighteenth centuries were the Middle ages. Modern Ukrainian language is from the nineteenth to the twentieth centuries. The Old Ukrainian is used in scholarly and religious writings from that period. The Ukrainian language has had some language policies over the years, but the country has had a brief history of
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