Ukrainian Politics Don 't Do Nothing Help Ukraine Out Of Problems?

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I believe that Ukrainian politics don’t do anything to help Ukraine get out of problems than are now in Ukraine. As for U.S they try to help, but it is enough. Politics were always a big problem in Ukraine. Many politicians were coming and leaving because they could do good work. It is hard to be a politician when the country is at a war, but every politician must first thing about the country and people, and after all about themselves. Also, Ukrainian people were always fighting for their freedom. Ukraine had many revolutions and hard times when people were dying. Now in Ukraine there are hard times and Ukrainian politics don’t do anything to get them better. Two years ago Ukraine had a huge revolution that changed the country…show more content…
After old government stopped working, and a new came, the war stared. Me and my family decided to move to America, I didn’t want leave Ukraine, because I had a good life in Ukraine. This war changed many people’s lives and my also. I was voting for a new government, and I thought that they would be better them old ones, but they were the same. Ukraine is a big country with a big history. My people knew what it is like to fight for freedom and land. Ukrainian politics, never valued people. They just think about themselves, and about their money, houses, and cars. People suffered a lot to live peaceful life, but it wasn’t than easy. The war destroys not only people’s life, but it also destroys the country. The country is going down. Ukraine had problems with money, the economy is low. Ukrainian government tries to get money from other countries, but how will Ukraine give back the money. Ukraine is in bad condition, and Ukrainian politics don’t do anything to help Ukraine. One famous Ukrainian singer wrote a song about Ukraine. He said in his song “Exposed, burned, indifference cut down field Among darkness and hunger, people dying for the sake of the black gold” U.S was always a supportive friend. America helps Ukraine as much as it can. Americans didn’t know a lot about Ukraine before the war, but now they know. Now Americans know that Russians are bad. Obama tries to help Ukraine with different thinks. The statistics of my research are based on the results of
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