Ukrainian - Russian Gas Crisis

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Russian-Ukraininan gas crisis


Economic Geography Essay


In 2004, Gazprom exported around 150 Billion cubic metres of gas to 22 European countries. In a Europe of 35 countries, Russian gas accounted for nearly 40% of total imports and 28% of gas demand in that year. All Russian gas exports to Europe
(except deliveries to Finland and the portion of Turkish exports delivered via the Blue
Stream pipeline) transit through three countries: Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
Ukraine holds the pivotal geographical position with more than 80% of Russian gas exports to Europe delivered via that country in 2004.

During the 1990s, the Ukrainian/Russian gas relationship was characterised by:
• Ukrainian inability to
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Several member states as Bulgaria and Slovakia were without any gas. • 27th January 2009: Nabucco summit in Budapest. • 28th January 2009: The European Parliament separate 250 million Euros for Nabucco project, and in all, would support the strategic energy-investments with 1,5 billion Euros

Russian ambitions
The events of January 2009 was finally proven that from the power sources Russia may forge not only a political capital, but also able to influence union decision making on an extraordinary manner with this, mostly with the „devide and conquer” tactic. As a result of the inflow oil dollars in the past years Russia confirmed its positon on the European energy market significantly. The country made investments additional not just in the transportation infrastructure, but gave your unambiguous signs, that wants to hold its monopol position in the market. Because of this they try to interfere that the European Union could get energy from somwhere else - to sidestep
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