Ultimate Collection And Ultimate Fun

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Sims 2: Ultimate Collection and Ultimate Fun
Whether it’s on a PC or a console, The Sims 2 is an excellent game for all people looking to turn virtual reality into good time. The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection is a good simulation game because of its reward system, storylines and re-playability. The reward system makes the Sims 2 a quality simulation game, which looks complex when displayed on the screen this reward system revolves around the sims. Reward systems have important qualities to a simulation game, one of these qualities being more things to unlock for a better life to the character. In The Sims 2 in order to receive these rewards you have attain aspiration points. Aspiration points are achieved through the sims chosen aspiration. Aspirations are a multifunctional aspect of the sims life’s, they determine the sims wants, fears, and attributes to the sims personality traits. There are eight aspirations for players to choose from. Each aspiration curates’ certain wants and fears that pertain their aspiration as long as other small scale wants and aspiration. Aspirations altogether help define the sims. Example: A players’ sim has the family aspiration. This aspiration has major family aspiration points such as having their first child or having ten. The reward system is fulfilled through satisfying your aspiration wants to spend aspiration points on aspiration rewards. Fears although can take aspiration points away. Players want to avoid fulfilling these fears…

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