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“The Ultimate Rip-Off: A Taxing Tale”
At the beginning of “The Ultimate Rip-Off: A Taxing Tale”; it discusses how Jeff Burke, a Special Agent for the IRS agent, used to love playing and pitching in softball when an unfortunate accident lead him to the doctors' office. Luckily, Jeff had not suffered any serious injuries, nothing an ice pack couldn’t fix. As a mental note Jeff was going to make purchasing jock support a priority. After leaving the doctors' office Jeff reflected on the fact that most doctors are active investors in securities, bonds, rental properties, and especially real estate. Jeff drifted off into daydream land and thought about the days when he would have been able to audit the doctors’ office. Today, however, an agent
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Nick used the net worth analysis on him and calculated that he is not reporting about $33,000 of income. The indirect net worth method was upheld by the Supreme Court in 1954 in Holland v U.S. as a valid method of gathering evidence for conviction of tax evasion. Nick prepared his report to the Commissioner’s office outlining the suspicious facts concerning Richard Onner. Coincidentally, not long after Nick found Richard’s Swiss bank account he died from impact from a model airplane which exploded leaving Nick’s body charred. Later in the book we find out that Richard Onner used Henry’s shady techniques for illegal activities. Richard was arrested for tax fraud on a personal level and he confessed that the IRS Commissioner, Jimmy Callaway gave him a special assignment to protect Rosenbaum by consolidated tax return computer scheme.
Jack Rosenbaum, President of Rosenbaum Inc., a rare coin business owner. Jack was ripping off the IRS of more than 200 million dollars by sending in double tax returns. One company would have a net operating loss and receive a tax refund while the parent company filed a consolidated tax return. After Jeff did further investigation, he soon realized that the company’s shop had been audited but not the retail audits. The audit had been conducted by Tony Blake, a Revenue Agent; it became apparent that he was a crook. Very soon after Jeff uncovered this information someone tried

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