Ultrasound: A Radiology Technician

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Ultrasound technicians make more money than a Radiology Technician even though they are very similar in the job requirements. The median salary per hour is 28 dollars and 67 cents(“Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary” 1). Ultrasound detects a woman's ovulation and it can diagnose a pregnancy(Lewis 2). Sonography is harmless and it when you use a small probe and special ultrasound gel that is applied to the skin(Radiological Society of North America and American College Of Radiology 1). Common uses of,”Ultrasound is a useful way of examining many of the body’s internal organs”(Radiological Society of North America and American College Of Radiology 1). The main issue of sonography is remaining emotionless while performing the ultrasound because…show more content…
One of the reasons that you have to stay emotionless is because the doctor must diagnose the patient and not you. The technician may not have an appropriate response to the results of the patient’s ultrasound because of…show more content…
To provide a patient with good quality healthcare and follow the requirements, the technician must keep a constant emotion no matter what the diagnosis of the ultrasound(Marcum 505). Marcum is saying that in order to give your patient good quality healthcare you have stick with your requirements given for your job. It’s very important to not tell a patient wrong information. If you do tell a patient wrong information then you get in trouble for it because you didn’t follow the company's protocol. According to the British Medical Ultrasound Society, the Clinical protocols in general are cleaning and disinfecting tools, clinical governance in ultrasound, pause and check information, then go on with the examination and to make sure emotions are in check. It is important to make sure that the patient is comfortable and is calm. You also need to make sure that all patient information is correct that is crucial when performing an ultrasound(“Clinical Protocols”1). The British Medical Ultrasound Society is stating all the requirements that must go on before and during the examination. If a technician doesn’t follow these protocols that are generally important and very specific then they could possibly get fired. It’s very important that the patient doesn’t get upset because of they way you looked at a sonogram and gave away that it was bad or good.
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