Ultrasound As A Therapeutic Technique

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Ultrasound as a therapeutic technique in biomedicine Mohammed Sunoqrot School of Engineering, Physics and Mathmatic, University of Dundee Dundee, United Kingdom Abstract— Decades ago ultrasound started the participation in medical therapy, these years have yielded diverse applications and methods that play main roles in patients ' treatment. This review presents some of the mechanisms, methods, and applications of therapeutic ultrasound. Keywords: Ultrasound; therapy; biomedical. I. INTRODUCTION A lot of people think about ultrasound as a diagnostic technology and they don’t release the effective role of ultrasound in therapy. In 1927 biological changes have been observed during ultrasound interaction with tissues [1], this observation attracted the attention of scientists and researchers opening their eyes on the possibility of using ultrasound as a therapeutic technology [2]. Ultrasound have two mechanisms to cause biological changes, the first is thermal effect where the absorbed energy raise the tissues temperature for therapeutic purpose [2] [3]. The second is non-thermal mechanism where the cyclic or non-cyclic waves or pulses will help in some applications [2] [3]. Therapeutic ultrasound divides into two classes, high power and low power. The high power therapy operates with intensity more than 5 W/cm2 and this area 's applications include lithotripsy and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) [3] [4]. On the other hand, the low power intensity (0.125 -
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