Ultrasound Essay

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Sonography has long evolved since the discovery of sonar. Fetal imaging is one of the most recognized ultrasound exams and is constantly being redefined with better technologies and software’s. The Voluson E10 Ultrasound by GE Healthcare allows for doctors to provide accurate monitoring of a fetus. According to, the system has 10 times the data transfer for more speed and higher resolution. It is equipped with a new probe technology called “Electronic 4D.” The transducer uses more than 8,000 piezoelectric crystals to provide clarity and speed. This machine emits signals and process information fast enough to view the heart in real time and watch movements in 3D. The HDlive Silhouette feature allows doctors to study external and internal organs and body parts of the fetus such as the brain, face, hands and feet. Another critical feature in this machine is the HDlive Flow, in which images are produced in 3D allowing doctors to view blood flow and blood vessels. The HDlive Flow is very beneficial as it allows for accurate pictures of veins and arteries in which doctors can monitor and asses a child’s brain and heart development in the first trimester. These features provide an important indication in fetal development because…show more content…
According to Dr. Lee, a professor at Baylor College of Medicine, a combination of tools in ultrasound provide a more dynamic way of seeing things in different ways than that of traditional ultrasound. For example, maximum intensity projection lets doctors visualize fetal bony structures, while 3D inversion mode gives them the ability to examine fluid-filled structures. Doctors use these tools in combination when viewing surface details such as features of the babies face, allowing them to search for genetic syndrome. Combinations of these tools make it easier for physicians and parents to understand birth defects and
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