Ultrasound Is A Type Of Energy Produced By Sound Waves

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Ultrasound is a type of energy produced by sound waves that belong to a frequency which are extremely high to be noticed by human ear; anything above 16 kHz [Jayasooriya et al. 2004]. When ultrasound travels through a living structure, it creates a compression and depressions, and a high energy is induced. In accordance to the frequency and the sound wave amplitude induced, many characters like physical, chemical and also few biological effects is noted down, which allows us to apply number of applications [Got et al. 1999, Knorr et al. 2004, Ultrasound... 1998]. There are various of application and uses of Ultrasound waves, which our used in our day to day life for various purposes like, in the field of communication, communicating with dogs, the faults in concrete buildings, even in pharmaceutical and medical field. Even with its wide range of diverse uses and development, Ultrasound is still said to be young science, where you get loads of opportunity to work on. Bats and dolphins, use low frequency ultrasound to detect their prey; whereas few aquatic animals use high frequency ultrasound to locate their target prior to attack them. Similarly in food processing industries, two major categories are distinguished by the means of various application of ultrasound [Fellows 2000, McClements 1995]. Ultrasound applications is distinguished by the means of the amount of sound field produced, which signalized by sound power (W), either sound intensity which has its…

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