Ultraviolet And Its Effects On Society

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We all know that without sunlight, Life is impossible on earth. Its spectrum extends from about 290nm to 3000nm.Human body use sunlight to make vitamin D in body but It need s small amount of energy but too much exposure to sunlight can result skin damage I.e. sunburn, premature skin ageing, allergies And can even cause skin cancer. This is caused by the ultra violet region of the sun light as shown in fig. Ultra Violet Region
Ultra violet region is divided into three parts UV-A region (315 to 400 nm) UV-B region (280 to 315 nm) UV-C region (200 to 280 nm) Divinely, nature has stratospheric ozone layer in atmosphere to absorb UVB (partially) and UVC and to block it to reach on earth surface. The region 100–280 nm is extremely dangerous and belongs to UVC radiation. Ultraviolet (UV) photons harm the DNA molecules of living organisms in different ways. In one common damage event, adjacent bases bond with each other, instead of across the “ladder.” This makes a bulge, and the distorted DNA molecule does not function properly.

The intensity of UVR is the highest in Australia and some part of eastern and southern Europe, so protection of adolescents and children (skin thickness is very less) than adults and outdoor workers is very essential. We have different skin types with different color which depends upon melanin, carotene and oxygenated or reduced hemoglobin combined in the skin. It has influence on human complexion but also plays…
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