Ulysses And Ogygia

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From drifting along the ocean waters, Ulysses woke up and found himself on the island of Ogygia where Calypso lived. Calypso who was a Titan sorceress, saved Ulysses from dying when he was floating through the water and turned him into a fish so the sharks wouldn't devour him. Unfortunately, when Ulysses landed on Ogygia Calypso told him that he is not aloud to go back to his home Ithaca for Ogygia was his "new home". As Ulysses began to fully wake up, he realized how he got to Ogygia and he was able talk to Calypso. Calypso showed Ulysses the wood and fire where she has watched Ulysses adventures struggling to go back to Ithaca. Ulysses asked Calypso about his wife and she shows him Penelope who grew old waiting for Ulysses return and Telemachus who tries his best to chase off his mother's suitors.…show more content…
Ulysses learned how Calypso turned her old husbands into animals like Circe did. Ulysses encountered a sea crow who was once a man and talks to him and the sea crow tells him that he was once a spy before Calypso turned him into a sea crow. Ulysses sent him to Ithaca to see what was happening with his family. The crow returned and told Ulysses that his wife and son were in danger. The next morning he said a prayer to the gods to help him leave Calypso and get back to Ithaca. Athene heard his prayer and called for a meeting among the gods, in which Poseidon unfortunately couldn't attend. After all the convincing Athene did to make sure that the gods would help Ulysses they decided to help him get home. The gods sent a message to Calypso and told her to let Ulysses leave and to help him get to Ithaca
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