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INDEX 1. Unified modeling language 2. Use case Introduction 3. Use case diagram a. Use case of ATM machine b. Use case of Library management c. Use case of Railway Reservation System 4. Class introduction 5. Class diagram a. Class diagram of collage management system b. Class diagram of Hospital Management system c. Class diagram of Library management system 6. Interactive diagram Introduction 7. Interactive diagram a. Interactive diagram for ATM machine b. Interactive diagram for Library Management system c. Interactive diagram for Railway Reservation system 8. Collaboration introduction 9. Collaboration diagram a. Collaboration diagram for ATM machine b. Collaboration diagram for Library machine c. Collaboration diagram for Railway…show more content…
The following are behavioral things K ti I stitut h i P 4 ¥ ¤ £¢ 3. Co abora ion: - It de ¡ es inte action between elements. Roll No:_____________________ OOAD LAB 1. Interaction: - It is defined as a behavior that consists of a group of message exchanged among elements to accomplish a specific tas . message © 2. State machine: - It is useful when the states of an object in its life cycle. It defines the se uence of states and object goes through in response to events.  c) Grouping Things: They can be defined as a mechanism to group elements of UML model together. There is only one grouping thing available i.e., Package. Package is used for gathering structural and behavioral things. d) Annotational Things: - They can be defined as a mechanism to capture remarks, description and comments of UML model elements. There is only one annotational thing available i.e., Note. Note is used to render comments, constraints and so on of a UML element. K ti I stitut h i P 5 Roll No:_____________________ OOAD LAB Relationships: The relationship is another most important building block of UML. They show how elements are associated with each other and their association describes the functionality of application. There are 5 types of relationships. They are, 1. Dependency: It is a relationship between two things in which change in one element also affects another. 2.
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