Umuc Toyota Tps Analysis Essay

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Assessing the Production System at Toyota
David Osborn
Ebenezer Ogoke
Lamar Pryor
Loretta Inoni
UMUC AMBA 640 9042- Dr. Wende Huehn-Brown

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Exercise #1:
Executive Summary
Since the early 1950’s Toyota has been in the business of manufacturing automobiles as a family operated company. Much of Toyota’s success has come from their ability to adapt to an ever changing market place, in both good times and in bad, while honoring its commitment to product safety and quality. This commitment has allowed them to consistently produce cars that meet or exceed that of their competition, while taking into consideration the impact on our
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Defining Toyota Production System Terms
Some of the various assessment tools used to better assess and evaluate the Toyota Production System (TPS) are: Andon is a visual or audible system used to notify both management and production workers when a problem or issue occurs in the production process. The goal of andon is to quickly identify a problem, and its location, so that the issue may be rectified quickly thus reducing downtime in the production process. As of 2014 Toyota began to retire what has become known as the andon cord, or emergency cable, in the auto industry and a symbol of quality for a new push button design. Yellow buttons placed at waist level and easy to access along the production process have become the standard. Toyota first switched to push buttons during renovation of the Tsutsumi plant in Japan, but has not yet switched in North America. Warning lights in hospitals rooms for patient monitoring is a form of andon. Hoshin is the process of establishing direction, through proper management, and setting goals and objectives for everyone to achieve. The hoshin process has three parts: select a key objective, align implementation at all levels, and implement-review-improve. An example of hoshin can be seen in the Army whereby individuals and units are given METL (Mission Essential Task List) task to accomplish at each level in support of the overall objective of the higher objective. These tasks are derived by the commander at the

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