Why The Book Should Be Banned

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Banned books are books to which free access is not allowed. The practice of banning books is a method of book censorship, and often has political, religious or moral motivations. Catching fire the second book in the hunger games trilogy. The book is banned and I believe that is shouldn’t be banned. The reasons are it has excessive violence, causes nightmares in children, and some believe is anti-ethnic. I think Catching fire shouldn’t be banned because the book teaches a lesson to never give up. But high school students should be able to read the book because it’s very influential on young readers and gives readers that feeling that giving up is not an option and to keep pushing on.
There are many reasons that violence is one of the
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A parent my not like the book and go to the school board and say my child had a nightmare and get the book banned. I would understand if there were other children in local schools or in the school have complaints but this is one parent and one student that have no evidence of a nightmare that was experienced because of the book. The book yes may cause nightmares but you can’t complain to a school about your child having nightmares without having any evidence that the book caused it.
Some parent’s argue that the book should be banned but their argument can be overturned. Parents continue to argue about the violence that the book has, but they soon are going to have to notice that the world is filled with violence and if you’re going to ban a book because of the PG-13 violence in the book you should think about what revolves around you every day. The opposition also argues that the book causes nightmares but without evidence that the book was the thing that cause the child to have the nightmare or was it something that your child seen on TV before bed or thought about we will never no because there’s no evidence the book caused the nightmare. Parents in the situation seem as if they want the best for child and try to avoid and hide their child from the violence but as they grow older there are going to be more harsh violence around them in the real world and the book I think is preparing and maturing them for the
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