Unblocking Social Media Blocks

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66 per cent of the students wanted to share details online when they were having a awesome time. School board are debating if they should or should not remove the social media block. Unblocking the ban on social media is crucial for many reasons. With unblocking the social media ban students and teachers can stay connected with schools across the border. According to the article, “Teaching Kids To Be Smart About Social Media” states that, “Social media can help kids stay connected with friends and family.” After all students can easily do this by taking a photo of their classwork and share it online. Also using social media students can, “Volunteer or get involved with a campaign, or charity.” This shows that students can get involved with extracurricular activities easier.…show more content…
According to the article, “ 10 Surprising Way to Use Instagram in a Classrooms” states that, “ You can showcase students work by snapping a photo of students artwork and other special projects.” This is helpful because kids do not want to tell their parent what they did at school, so the parents are able to see all the creations their child has made. Sometimes websites do not work properly, so social media apps are more user friendly. Another way to use instagram is to “Share reading recommendations, you can invite students to snap photos of their favorite books. Then you can browse the photos in your feed for more ideas.” Therefore this is encouraging for students who can never find a superior book to read. Furthermore, teachers can “Capture field trip memories, invite a student to snap photos on field trips or during class parties.” For an example, teachers can have memories of your class to show families. This proves that instagram is very beneficial for students
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